Testimonials — See what our students and other professionals are saying about ALR Dressage.

I could not recommend Ally enough both as a rider and as one of the most conscientious horse people I know! I had a horse that had a very “special” temperament and needed lots of time, attention and understanding. I was traveling a lot so I knew Ally was the only person I could trust with him. She did a fantastic job and always treated him as if he was her own horse. He blossomed under her care when he could have easily wilted and became so much more confident both under saddle and on the ground. He has now successfully been sold on to a fantastic home where he is much loved!
I have been friends with Ally for many years when we groomed together at the Olympics so I know she is as good with all round horse care as she is with training a horse through the FEI levels. 
— Katherine Bateson-Chandler
Ally introduced me to Silvester a year and a half ago, and since then we’ve had nothing but fun and success (with the occasional glitch from his original problem with spooking at other horses and his high spirits at home!). Our first outing last year resulted in scores at 4th level in the mid-sixties, when I had barely done third level before that and hadn’t ridden much in the previous eight months; since then, with Ally’s help, he’s been making incredible progress at his changes, his pirouettes and his first steps toward passage and piaffe. What I most love about this horse is that he is adorable and smart but not boring. Ally knew that I would hate anything that wasn’t hot and complex, and found nearly the perfect mix. We had a successful trip to Regionals in October, and our debut at Prix St. Georges this fall resulted in a score over 62%. I’m confident this is the horse that can get me through the international levels, and am grateful to have had someone with the knowledge of both horses and riders to match me with him!
— Karen Raber
My first phone call to schedule a lesson with Ally took place a bit over 3 years ago. I had started riding late in life and when I made that call to Ally I hadn’t really even cantered a horse. We began our rides on Henri, her wonderful school master. I still don’t own a horse, I lease one. I work a full time job, so I ride in the evenings during the week and on weekends. I’ve only ridden in a few shows, at training level. I’m one of the ‘green’ riders at ALR Dressage! And yet, I am treated with the same respect as the upper level riders at the barn. I take lessons from both Ally and Nicole and each give me their full attention while I am riding with them. They teach with a positive style and yet challenge me, and they have an inordinate amount of patience…I in turn, am a dedicated student. Everyone at Massar Stables support each other, we all want each other to succeed and do well in our riding pursuits. We also have fun, and enjoy what can often be a frustrating process. I hope to one day be an elegant and confident rider, one who feels and communicates lightly with her horse; ALR Dressage is helping me attain my dressage nirvana! Ally and Nicole are lovely, compassionate women who work hard; for the love of the horse, the art of dressage and for the people who seek their help!
— Kristin Lamberson
Argento arrived safe and sound here today. He unloaded beautifully, was very calm and relaxed. After he walked down the trailer ramp, he looked around and there was some nice grass right in front of him and he went ahead a ate a little. He walked up the driveway to the barn super relaxed, settled right into his stall and rollled ;-)
After a little bit, we took him back outside to hand graze him for a while and take a look at the other horses who were out, hand walked him some, and he was as calm as calm can be. He’s been a very, very good boy. I can’t wait to see him tomorrow!

Thank you both so much! Visiting the barn there was great and we could not have asked for better. Everybody was so accommodating. Argento was well presented there and he arrived here beautiful and in top form. We are super excited to have him.

— Rebecca Gott
When i decided to move to Memphis I was only allowed one choice of trainer by my life-long coach. And I now realize why that was. Ally has brought me and my horse a long way in just a year. When i arrived in Memphis I had had no real help for nearly a year. We came to her solid 2nd level and she brought us successfully through 3rd, coming in 3rd in the Region 2 Championships out of more than 25 horses—and on a 6 year-old! I am now showing at 4th level with scores in the solid mid-70’s and schooling the Prix St Georges.
I can’t say enough good about “Team ALR” at Massar Stables either. The comraderie at the barn and at shows is pretty hard to match. There is so much respect and support from everyone at the facility. They care not only about the horses but that their clients are successful and are able to do so while having a wonderful time—both on and off the horse.
They have given me so much in such a short time and it is rare to find a trainer with so much talent with clients as fun and supportive to learn with as Ally and the group at Massar Stables.
— Sally Baggette
I met Ally several years ago in Wellington Florida. After the season she asked if I would start coming to give clinics to help further her own education as well as her students’. Over the past two years of clinics I have come back time and again to see real improvement in both the horses that Ally has in for training and in her students. Ally’s program produces riders of all levels and horses at all levels and all abilities. She is dedicated to continuing to improve herself as a rider and to helping her students set goals and attain them. There is not on student of horse in the program who I have not seen improve in the time that I have been going there. Ally herself has a good eye for horses and is very good with difficult horses and cares for each horse as though it were her own. She is very dedicated to the horse and students in her program.
— Olivia LaGoy-Weltz
I have always told people to look at an instructor’s students to evaluate their effectiveness. Ally students, including me, have progressed amazingly over the several years she has been here. She teaches in a positive manner that encourages each one of us to strive to be better, to understand the mechanics of riding and to continually evaluate our position and response. Only through years of experience of teaching and training, can an instructor bring this insight to her students. There are so many days that I get off smiling and appreciate all she has shared with us.
— Kathleen Massey
Ally strives for perfection in everything she
does, and you can rest assured that both you and your horse are being trained the correct way. Ally has significantly improved my own riding and led me to buy my horse Eve. We earned an individual bronze medal at young riders in 2003 at Quebec, Canada. Ally has also helped develop some of the Grand Prix movements in my horse, and with Ally’s hard work, we achieved a pretty awesome passage! She is a great trainer and an enduring lifetime friend. Thanks Ally!
— John Murray
When I joined Ally’s training program I had been 15 years into my dressage ‘career’. Career might not be a good word to use as I had given up all hope to ever make it out of second level and I had ridden PLENTY of those! ;)
The concept of collection just didn’t come easy to me but Ally was able to teach me what self carriage is really about. That it is actually created by release and reward and not holding and kicking ;)
I have been with her now for 1 year only. Within a very short time I received my scores for my bronze and just last weekend I received my scores for my silver medal! I never thought I would ride an FEI test and I am wearing my shad belly proudly.
None of this would have been possible without Ally’s knowledge and timing while training. Ally is a very supportive and dedicated trainer always conscious of and working with students individual needs! Thanks Ally!!!
— Jennifer VanDeLoo